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Book By-Qui Nguyen

Director-Brian Evans 

Scenic Designers-David Russell &

                           Mike McMahen

Costume Designer-Kathleen Gardin

Lighting Designer-Molly Tiede

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Props Master- Islay Reed

Stage Manager- Fior Tat

Working on such a fun script with a team of talented peers is always an equally fun and rewarding process. I got to help create a D&D Campaign with the production value that any Dungeon Master would be excited to have.

Collaborating with the performers and director in order to give everyone their own special theme song enabled me to create a soundtrack that I never would of came up with on my own. Almost every band used was was female or non-binary led and this helped add to the message of female empowerment and acceptance of those who would be considered outcast. 

Having the puppeteers in mics during the battles also added another layer of personality to the monsters that changed daily based on their own performance.

Beach waves and Blowing leavesThe same base white noice was used and modified for both sounds
Various isolated battle soundsAll effects were foley recordings originally

TV and Commercials

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