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Book By-Nikolai Gogol

Adaptation By-Jeffery Hatcher

Director-Dennis Delaney

Scenic Designer-Becca McDowell

Costume Designer-Bianca Binneman

Lighting Designer-Bentley Heydt

Sound Designer-Dennis Delaney

Stage Manager-Maile Nguyen

Working on this hilarious farce with the director and lead sound designer was a challengingly rewarding process. It taught me a lot about how collaboration with a designer with an entirely different approach can help create a truly amazing show. It also helped me with my collaboration and communication skills with directors, and the experiences that I gained from this process has been implemented in each show I have been a part of since. 

My role as  associate designer was to focus on the conceptual sound design for the show and to match the wacky feel and fast pace of the action. I attended almost every rehearsal and created several versions of each sound effect to ensure that the best possible effects were used.

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