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A play based around the painting with the same title, translated to "The Bearded Lady" follows the life of two women that are separated by a several centuries, but both struggle with motherhood and the oppression of the male patriarchy.


Getting to be the first designer for a new works production is an incredibly rewarding and freeing process.


I approached the design so that the final moment of the play would be as impactful as possible. From the moment that the audience stepped into the house, there was white noise (from a plane cockpit) playing under the pre-show music and throughout the entire play. I would raise the gain for the scenes that took place in the plane, and would restore the levels for all other scenes. For the final moment of the show, the main character finally has clarity of mind, and the noise is abruptly cut, which makes the audience pay special attention to this moment as it is the only moment in the entire show with true silence.

Playwright-Cristina Luzarraga

Director-Jonathan Hetler

Scenic Designer-Russell Bidish

Costume Designer-Bianca Binneman

Lighting Designer-Nathan Bradley

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Stage Manager-Lindsay Pierce

La Mujer Barbuda Sample

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