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Book By-William Shakespear

Cut By- Greta Lambert

Director- Greta Lambert

Scenic Designer-Sophia Nahon

Costume Designer-Tyler Mitchell

Lighting Designer-Liz Spurlock

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Stage Manager- Izzy French

My first outing with ASF was a fast paced and rewarding process. 

Designing a show targeted for high school students was a new challenge that I have not had to tackle before and with the collaboration with the director and the other designers allowed us to create an captivating show that most students were able to take something away from.

Writing measures of music for the magical moments was by far the most fun I have had trying to write music so far.

Faerie Music SamplesA toy glockenspiel ties all the samples and the magic chimes together
Magic Forest Sample with Magic ChimesEach Faerie has their own tone and brings the forest more alive

TV and Commercials

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