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Book By-Joe Masteroff

Music By-John Kander

Lyrics By-Fred Ebb

Director- Anne McAlexander

Music Director-Alan Patrick Kenny

Scenic Designer-Jacob Brown

Costume Designer-Xintong Li

Lighting Designer-Bentley Heydt

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Stage Manager- Ri Moodie

Working on a musical is always a welcomed challenge, especially when it's an exciting show like this. Working hand in hand with the director and music director to get the music to sound familiar to the audience and to put them into the Kit Kat Klub was a joyous experience.


The sound effects that were used in the show were ones that were period appropriate that helped further place the audience in Berlin.

During the finale, it was important that the audience be brought into the minds of the characters. To accomplish this, the finale number was mixed with heavy reverb and for the first time, was pumped through all the speakers in the system. Completely surrounding the audience with the music from the phantom orchestra.

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