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Book By-Kara Lee Corthron

Director-Brian Evans

Scenic Designer-Nathan Arnold

Costume Designer-Helene Siebrits

Lighting Designer-John Salutz

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Composers- Jake Neighbors

Stage Manager-Lindsay Pierce

100+ dolls on stage the entire time and set in the basement of a pregnant teenager, this play opened itself up for a lot to play with and it was exciting to work with the scenic designer to get speakers incorporated into the set for the puppeteers who also voiced their dolls.

Creating my own video game sound effects for a theatrical show was definitely one of the more meta moments I've encountered so far.

With such heavy subject mater, the director wanted the music in and before the show to help lighten the mood some. Using suggestions from the performers about what their characters would listen to in the early 2000s, I set out to create one of the most nostalgic playlist I've ever created for a show.

Music Transitions SampleEach one of these tracks has looped version that was used in show
Video Game SampleBased on "Super Noah's Ark". There is a pause and then a gameover
Final Transition (Full Version)From the teenager's perspective. No one is on stage until music plays


*I do not own the rights to the song used at the end of this sample.

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