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Book By-William Shakespeare

Cut By-Jonathan Hetler

Director-Jonathan Hetler

Scenic Designer-Becca McDowell

Costume Designer-Kathleen Gardin

Lighting Designer-Piper Kirchofer

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Music Composition-Greg O'Brien

Stage Manager-Alistair Giffels

Working on any Shakespeare play comes with its on set of challenges, but when it is set in Berlin right after fall of The Wall, there is a welcomed challenge. 

Berlin in the 80s was rich with music that inspired a generation or artist around the world and I was able to tap into some of that for the vast majority of the sound-scape for the show in working with the director and our composer.

Using radios throughout the show allowed us to root all the sounds and music in reality for the audience making the show that much more immersive for them. When the music swells during a fight scene, you feel the surge of energy the characters on stage are feeling.

Radio Effect SampleRecorded Voiceover and added effects
Juliet Discovered Dead TransitionAmbulances would of been coming from various directions in house

TV and Commercials

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