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Book By-Yasmina Reza

Director-Karen Azenberg

Scenic Designer-Markas Henry

Costume Designer-Kevin Brainerd

Lighting Designer-Aaron Spivey

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Stage Manager-Vernon Willet

Working with a full team of professionals is a humbling and amazing experience.

The director wanted as little introduced sound as possible, so everything but a home phone ring and a cell phone vibration was accomplished by performers on stage. The most important sound ended up being the *CLAP* of the razor cell phone. Each time it was shut, it helped reveal how the character was feeling internally.

The director wanted the pre-show music to help give some backstory into who the characters were, so the music that was used helped drive that idea home. I discovered that it was even nostalgic for some of the audience as they were humming along to most of the songs on opening night.

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