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Book By-Ariel Dorfman

Director- Gary English

Scenic Designer-Michael Chybowski

Costume Designer- Madelyn Debrine

Lighting Designer-Hannah Corbett

Sound Designer-Jake Neighbors

Stage Manager- Caroline Saltz

Death and the Maiden-

Connecticut Reparatory Theatre

At its core, this play is about the relationship between a husband and wife and a doctor. It is an intense ride from beginning to end that explores the fallout of a tyrannical government after it has been overthrown by a new government force and the innocent people who are caught in the middle. One wants to silence all those who know too much, one wants to forgive and forget, and the other wants revenge no matter the cost.In the end, we don't know who the winners really are or if our characters are truly happy with how things turn out, but one thing is clear; the cogs of the government machine never stops turning.

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